Q + A

Wedding photography questions + answers


1) In your opinion, what are the ten most important questions to ask a potential photographer?


A) Do I get all of the full resolution digital images with rights and how many will I get?


How are they delivered.  How much post processing is performed.  Do you do the editing?  My Collections include all of the digital images and you have rights.



B) Do you or your studio do more than one wedding or event a day and who will work the Wedding?


If they do more than one wedding a day than beware since they are obviously not fully invested in your wedding.  Even if they book an associate photographer this could take attention off of your day.  You have to wonder their loyalty on Your Day.  Hire a person who owns their own business (owner/operator) because they will work to make sure that their business is represented correctly.  I book one event per day and work every Wedding that my Clients book.



C) Do you offer any Professional Guarantee with your work and products?


I offer a 100% guarantee with all of my Collections. Why would you not? If you are not thrilled with my Collection than I will either fix the problem or I will refund your money – guaranteed!



D) Do you outsource your image editing and album design or do you do it in house?


All of my images are fully edited by myself and that is why I guarantee my work. My album design is my work. Every album has a different look and feel and you will NEVER see a wedding album that looks the same from Paul Retherford Wedding Photography.  I captured the images so I know the colors and feelings. When you outsource, the person in a cubicle has no clue what your Wedding looks like, or feels like.   This goes without saying, make sure you see and feel each Wedding album.  My albums comes with a lifetime guarantee and they are rock solid for life.   There is a Huge difference between price and quality of Wedding albums.  Be sure to educate yourself.



E) How many cameras do you carry on your body at all times?


This is really important because I have had two cameras shutters stop working during critical points in the wedding day.   Since I photograph with two cameras it was a piece of cake . Just imagine if you didn’t get a single image walking down the aisle or missed a once in a lifetime shot because the photographer’s camera shutter was broken.  A backup camera on the main photographer’s body is critical, not just in the photography bag.  Split seconds really do matter in this business.



F) When will the images, album, and rest of the wedding collection be available?


My Collections are always posted within two weeks after they are photographed, including, online images, online wedding design, and wedding slide show, if they are included in your Collection. I typically have everything online within five days.  I work hard to make sure that you have your proofs in hand and your wedding collection available when you return from your honeymoon.



G) How do you handle other people taking images during the wedding day?


I allow others to capture images during the day. I am the sole professional photographer during the wedding day, by contract. If I have a problem with an individual I will politely let them know in person but I am extremely easy to work with and I get along with everyone.  Videographers are also welcome during the Wedding day.



H) Do you have a reference list with at least ten past clients that I can contact?


See what past clients are saying about my services at Paul Retherford Wedding Photography reviews.  I can supply a email reference list with my past brides too.



I) How are you unique in your wedding photography?


Why should I hire you? First of all, I love Weddings.  My style is different because I utilize all forms of light to capture your images.  I specialize in natural lighting and off camera lighting.  My images have dimension, eye-popping colors, personality, and emotion.  I work really hard to make sure that I am in the right position prior to the action happening so that I can capture the perfect image.  My years of experience allow me the foresight to read the Wedding day and predict what will happen next.  My products are all unique in that they are the top of the line and come with a lifetime warranty.  Most importantly, I will never add stress to your day and will keep the day up beat and exciting for you while I make you look and feel like the most beautiful people in the World.



J) Are you a full-time wedding photographer?


I specialize in weddings and I am a full-time wedding photographer. I have captured over 600 weddings!   Having captured so many weddings I know the best angles for each image and make sure I am in the right positions during the day.  Being a Wedding Photographer you need to have foresight in order to read what is going to happen next.  I also work as a team with your wedding vendors so the day runs flawlessly.   90% of my photography are weddings, and that is why you get such personal attention from me to detail and product/image quality.


2)How big can I make my images?


My images are being used for Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry road side banners right now.  Is that big enough?:-)



3) How many images do you shoot, and how many wedding images will I receive?


I shoot around 150 images/hour. In a typical wedding (8-10 hours) I will have 1000+ edited images. The client will have ALL processed and color corrected images in full resolution. I have the storage media to shoot all day and night if you would like. Bottom line, digital equals more images, more creativity, and more shooting time.  In addition, my cameras copy the images to two cards immediately so each image has an instant copy.


4) When will I get my proofs, digital negatives, thumb drives, and Albums?


Your digital proofs will be to you before you get back from your honeymoon, or in less than two weeks. Usually I prepare the images the next day after shooting. The digital proofs are all of the images on usb flash drive in low resolution for you to select images for inclusion in albums. USB Flash Drives, and the remainder of the collection are delivered to you with the finished album. Album Pre Design is posted online within one week of the Event. When I receive your final edits it will take about 2 months to get your package to you, usually quicker. Your images are uploaded and backed up online for you to see and download.  I tag you on social networks if you wish.  Typically I get my packages to you as quickly as I can professionally lay out and package all of the items. I realize that you are waiting for a special item and I handle everything with absolute care and professionalism.



5) What Retainer do you require to book?


I require a $1000 retainer fee and a signed contract to book your date. The retainer fee is non refundable. I book only one event per day. No wedding date is confirmed until I receive the retainer and signed contract. I only capture one event in any day so when you book me I no longer send out information for requests on your day. Please realize that I may have more than one request for a date and it is entirely a first come, first serve basis. However, I will hold a date for a week if you call me and let me know that you are sending in a retainer and contract. The remainder of the balance is due one month prior to the event.



6) When do you typically show up for the Wedding?


I will show up to the wedding way before starting time.  I capture location images and detail shots before starting your photography. When you book me as a photographer I am available for you all day. I never book two events in one day. Remember that my Collections have limited working hours, 1-12 hours, but more hours can be added if needed. Posed shots can take anywhere from 1/2 hour up to 3 hours depending on how many people are in the party and how many images you would like. Remember that I take a lot of candid images of groups and couples during the reception that can be counted as posed shots too. I will usually show up 1/2-1 hour prior to the time that you would like me at the event. This one hour you are not charged for but I take light readings and location and prop shots ahead of the scheduled time. I use this time to scout areas for optimum lighting.  We will talk about the timing the week prior to your Wedding so that we are on the same page too.



7) When do you typically leave from the Wedding?


I tend to be one of the last people out of the reception on most Weddings. I will stay as long as I feel, and you feel, that I am getting quality images. When I feel that I am moving into the “blackmail” shots then I tend to let the bride and groom know that I will be ending soon. I will usually let the wedding party know one hour in advance that I will be leaving. I will not skip out on your wedding day early; I know the significance of the event and I shoot events as they are my own. Remember, I am working for you.:-)



8) Can you do special edits to images?


I can do any Photoshop work that you would like on your images.  Keep in mind that additional work on images comes at an additional investment.


9) Can I customize a Wedding Collection?


All Collections can be customized to suit your needs. Email or call me with your particular needs and I will quote you a Collection.  There is a minimum for specific dates.  Wedding dates that are six months or less out I will offer a nice discount.  I also offer military discounts, just ask.



10) Why is Professional Wedding Photography so expensive?


I emphasized Professional because there is a difference between a Pro Photographer and some one who owns a camera and wants to shoot your wedding. I am a Professional Working Photographer. Here is the reason for the investment: First of all, no business will work for free. I can work anywhere from 15 hours up to 100+ hours for one wedding start to finish. Just taking that time alone shows you that most of my weddings will exhaust at least one full week of my time. Add to the time; supplies, travel, fees, taxes, advertising, insurance, and other costs of doing business. On top of that, flagship Canon gear, is expensive. You will find that my prices are below market value for photographers with the same skill, product quality, and experience.  I keep my wedding prices low by specializing in weddings and not having the high overhead.



11) What is the difference between your print and a over-the-counter print?


The difference between my prints and a drug store, consumer print is that all of my prints are optimized to reduce glare, correct any color shifts, remove any unwanted objects, mask skin blemishes, etc. In addition, my paper will last over twice as long as consumer paper and is lacquer coated to protect against fade, scratching, water, and humidity damage. The inks are both smudge proof and water resistant. My prints have an estimated lifespan of over 80 years without lacquer coating and much longer with the coating. You can extend the life of any image by keeping them out of the direct sunlight and away from humidity. Bottom line is, if you want a professional life-long print then let me do it, and if you want just a record of the moment then save a buck and go consumer.



12) What is your shooting style?


My style is a mix of traditional, posed-photojournalistic, candid, and creative photography. I pay special attention to the details of your Wedding day.  My images are everything from posed family images to designer magazine cover images of the bride. Each wedding session is different so I will customize your wedding images to include the style that you find appropriate for your wedding day. I will do as many of the posed images and different locations that you would like. I will document all of the days events and I will also look for those special moments and I will attempt to bring out emotion in my images. I believe that I have a great amount of success at capturing the feelings of the clients that I photograph. I enjoy the candid photography, you can really tell in my images. I would say that 75% of my images are candid.  There is no one else who shoots just like like Paul Retherford Wedding Photography.



13) What is the difference between “wedding photojournalism,” “traditional wedding photography,””illustrative photography,” and “creative photography?”


Wedding Photojournalism is a style that leans more towards candid photography. I would consider myself a Wedding Photojournalist with traditional and creative accents. The way that I shoot wedding is that I will take the posed family and bride and groom shots then I will “float” around and capture images of the wedding party and guests that are more natural and relaxed. In addition, I will pose small groups and get the traditional images of friends and guests. Wedding Photojournalists work in the background and everyone has their own style. I prefer to use a number of different lenses and angles to capture images that are unique to a particular area of the event. I will photograph everyone at the wedding whether they like it or not.

Traditional Wedding photography is the typical photography that most people will think of when they think of a “wedding album.” Traditional photographers like to have posed shots that they can control and they are assured that the image is exactly what they are looking to get. More than not, traditional photographers are those photographers who live in a studio and take senior portraits and family portraits that are posed and artificially lit.

Illustrative photography is a wedding style that has drama, grand poses, and fairy tail scenery. Every detail in the image is carefully arranged to produce a photograph with impact. This type of style is conducive to a minimal amount of images and poses with precise posing, lighting, and makeup.

Creative photography is a style that uses unusual angles or juxtaposition. The photographer creates his/her own artistic impression of the event. This style is also conducive to a minimal amount of images.

There are advantages to all of these styles of photographers. I prefer to work towards the photojournalistic because of the intensive coverage of the wedding ceremony and reception. I am looking for those memorable expressions on your face and the faces of your guests. I try to not be intrusive to peoples space and to respect the wedding party, your guests, and your day.



14) Can you run me through a typical wedding photography day?


Weddings for me usually start far before the day.  I scout each locations and identify great photo opportunities in accordance when the light angles are best.  On the wedding day I may start early in the morning with the bride at the salon, or just before the bride and groom show up to the ceremony location. I will arrive early so that I can get images of the outside of the ceremony, flowers, props, hanging dress, and people coming in. This hour will allow me to get light readings and find areas to pose and creative candid images of the couple and wedding party.

When the wedding party arrives I usually will take the initial images of them arriving and then allow them some time to prepare before I begin capturing images. In the meantime I will float around and capture little snippets of information around the ceremony site. I know that a lot of people like to “scrapbook” so I make sure to get any images that I can to help them out. My album pre design utilizes these detail images for background and accents.

Most wedding parties do not want to see each other prior to the wedding so I will bounce back and forth from the brides room to the grooms room capturing candid shots and some poses shots. If the bride and groom are seeing each other before the ceremony I will do all of the posed shots before the ceremony. Usually I will allow 1-3 hours depending on the size of the wedding party and amount of images to be captures. I will get group shots of both sides attendants. Usually I will allow at least a fifteen minutes to be with the bride and take images of her alone. This will include close ups and location shots. I try to think like a bride and get every image that she would like to have and then offer different perspectives, light, and even some poses. These images include everything from close up head images to jewelry, flowers, hair, garter, etc.

I capture the bride with attendants, family, friends, etc without the groom and then I hide her and get the groom and do the same thing. This way I get most of the images done prior to the ceremony and we have the group and family images to complete after the ceremony.

When the ceremony begins I will photograph all of the event from people being seated, to waiting to walk down the isle, to the receiving line after the marriage. I will get images of the entire site with all of the people, the vows, the ring ceremony, readings, special events, flower girls, ring bearers, parents, guests expressions, and little snippets of the ceremony. I will typically shoot around 300 images just during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, I will capture the bride and groom, and all family members back into the ceremony site for posed images. I will work systematically to get the images done as quick as possible. I will know what images the bride and groom would like prior to shooting since I have a “shot sheet” that they have already filled out.

After the posed images I will either accompany the couple to areas they would like to get some images or meet them at the reception. I have no limit on off site locations with my packages. Of course, I will get the party in their limo or vehicle leaving the ceremony. When we all arrive to the reception I will shoot the couple leaving their vehicle and get a nice images with everyone prior to the reception.

The next images are leading into the reception and the introduction of the wedding party. I will get these images and I will be watching the guests for any special shots that I can capture of them. The rest of the night includes props shots, first dance, cake cutting, toasts, father/daughter, mother/son, gartar/bouquet, dollar dance, special dances, kissing, laughing, group table shots, group images, gifts, ring images, hair, etc. I will put together a slide show of the images that I have taken up to the point and show it either on my laptop. I like to do this to allow your guests to see the images that they may never get a chance to see and to give you a sigh of relief knowing that I got you covered. This usually is a big hit.

My photography usually ends at the late hours of the evening when everyone has exhausted themselves and most, if not all, of the guests have left the ceremony. I will let the bride and groom know that I am winding down and that I will be leaving soon. You will never see me “skip out” on a wedding reception. Also as a side note, I do not smoke and the only reason that I will not be around the events is when I go to the rest room. I say this because I have heard horror stories.



15) Do you offer a slideshow during the wedding reception?


Yes, I can do this for the bride and groom for most Weddings.  Please inquire.



16) How are your Collections different from other photographers?


My Collections include top of the line products that come with lifetime guarantee.  You get only the best when you hire Paul Retherford to be your photographer. Every element of my Collection is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  I work hard during the day and after to produce a fine art custom album that will bring tears to your eyes. I incorporate personality and emotion in your album so that every time you view my images it will make your body tingle with excitement. Your album will be designed and uploaded for your and your family and guests to view indefinitely. You get a professionally bound album and an online album! There is only one person who does my work and that is Paul Retherford. Don’t miss out on hiring me as your Professional Wedding Photographer.



17) Who owns the copyright to the images?


The copyright will be shared between the client and Paul Retherford Photography, LLC. This means that both parties can use the images; i.e. prints, email, etc. I appreciated a link to my website www.PaulRetherford.com when posting my images on your social media.  The only thing you can not do is claim the images as your own work or use them as advertising and/or marketing. If you use them in advertising, you need to contact me for approval, and you have to put a copyright notice with my name and website on the image. This is all explained in the contract.



18) Do you have two photographers available?


I do have two photographers, or more, available upon request.  If you would like to have a second photographer please inquire.  I will be where the action is and I will be watching in all directions for opportunities to capture unique expressions and bring out the personality of the wedding party and the guests.  Keep in mind, I average a total of 1200 images in an 8 hour Collection and you receive all of the edited images, in both color and black and white, to have forever.



19) What is your event coverage area?


Paul Retherford Wedding Photography covers all of the Midwest and the World. I would love to travel with you to your island destination wedding. I will do any destination wedding that is asked of me. All of my Collections are all-inclusive for areas within 150 miles and very reasonable travel fees for beyond this area. If you are doing the by the hour then I will have to charge for travel/gas fees. The fees are minimal . If you have a wedding in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee, Canada, Kentucky, etc. I am willing to travel anywhere. The good part about having weddings in other states is that it allows for me to visit friends. If you like my photography then give me a call or email, no matter where you live.



20) Why should I hire Paul Retherford Photography over other Photographers?


First of all, I love Wedding Photography.  You should hire Paul Retherford Photography because of my professionalism, integrity, class, style, artistic eye, ability to make the party feel at ease, use of top of the line gear and material, top-of-the-line products, and the fact that all of my clients have been thrilled with their products. I have a personal guarantee that I will fix anything that you are not thrilled with. You will not find a photographer who backs up their work like I do. I want you to recommend me to your friends and for you to be excited about the wedding images that I captured for and of you. Above all, I will make sure that you get the images that are important to you and I will stay at your event until all image possibilities are exhausted. Remember that I specialize in Weddings so I do not have studio shoots going on during the week, therefore all of my attention during the week days is directed at my Weddings. You get both a bound wedding album and an online wedding album that you can view anywhere in the World! I continue to keep at the cutting edge of photography through seminars, lectures, reading and more. You get more personal attention, cutting edge style, and better products by using Paul Retherford Wedding Photography.



21) In which Photography Organizations do you Participate?


I am an active member The Professional Photographers of America (PPA), The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), and Canon Professional Services(CPS). These four organizations are Professional tools to help me continue to be on top of my industry.



22) What is the process for relatives, friends, etc. to order prints?


I will keep the images on file for at least two years following your event. Friends and relatives can go to my “Prints” tab under “Information” at my website  and click on your name to see the Wedding Image Proofs a couple of days after the event. Please call me or email with any questions you have regarding image orders. You can also order directly from me by calling or emailing. These images will be online for nine months. Any one can order images through me too. I will be happy to offer package pricing to anyone who would like multiple images. Please email me or call me with your request.  You can see my online images at http://www.PrintsbyPaul.com


23) We would like a slideshow with our images from growing up. Do you put these slideshows together for your clients?


I would be happy to put a slideshow together for you. Prices depend on the amount of images to be included. You can also purchase this slideshow on DVD, AVI file, MPEG, and more.



24) Do you offer online images?


I do offer Online Wedding Images.  Go to Prints under “Information” on the website/blog and click on your wedding and there will be a selection of images on the site for ordering and viewing in color, black and white, and sepia. These images are online for nine months.  You can also see my client’s full wedding images at http://www.printsbypaul.com



25) Who chooses the images in my album?


I custom design a wedding album pre-design that is posted online within one week of your event. You then view the album and make edits to the album. This is a rough album design and you have full editability on this album. You will have a proof set sent to your address so that you know what images I have taken during your day. When you let me know your corrections I make the improvements and repost the album online for you to view. This is very interactive and you can have your album in a much quicker time period. When I get the OK to go ahead with the production phase it will take about 2 months, typically, to get the entire package to you. Most of the time it is even quicker.



26) Do you offer other albums besides the ones on your website?


I currently have one high-end wedding album that I use.  This album shows my work in the best light and comes with the best warranty and workmanship that I have seen in my career.  I have handled a lot of wedding album and my albums are the best.  The signature albums that I use are made rock solid and come with a lifetime guarantee.  They also come in a beautiful protective box.



27) Should we do the formal photography before or after the ceremony?


This decision is totally up to you. I like to stick with tradition in this area and not have the bride and groom see each other prior to the wedding. This adds so much to the overall excitement of the day and you can feel the anticipation in the air. I am able to shoot group shots prior to the wedding without having the bride and groom see each other. I typically have 75% of the posed images done before the wedding without the bride and groom seeing each other. If you would like to see each other and get all of the posed photography over before the wedding that is just fine too.



28) Do you mind if other people take photographs during the ceremony and reception?


Absolutely not. This is your day and I am there capturing images for you. I am working for you, not you for me. I actually will pose people and offer the image for others to take. There is no reason for a photographer to stop anyone else from shooting images at an event. The only thing I ask is that your guests do not start trying to pose people while I am working.



29) How far in advance do I need to book?


There is no answer to this question. The sooner you book, the better chance that Paul Retherford Wedding Photography will be capturing your Wedding. Typically, couples will look for their vendors from 6 months to three years. I am currently booking over a year out for summer Events. For prime dates you may need to book well over a year in advance. It is never too soon to book if you want Paul Retherford Wedding Photography at your Wedding.



30) Do I really need to book both a Photographer and a Videographer?


This is a question that only you can answer. The best way to figure out your answer is to ask yourself, “How often will I look at the work of…” If you answer this question with a never or a once in five years you probably don’t need their services at your event. Remember, you can never go back to your special day. I now offer your Wedding Fusion show on DVD and in digital format, which is a mixture of audio, video, and images with music and your special words included. I don’t mind working with a videographer either.  If you want “Everything” from your Wedding day then a Videographer might be a good decision.



31) How many hours do I need to have a Photographer?


This all depends on your event times and what you have in mind for images. To figure out amount of hours you will need your photographer ask yourself these key questions; 1) Am I going to have images captured before the service? 2) How many images do I want to do before the service? 3) How many locations will I take images at? 4) How many hours from the start of the service until the beginning of dinner? 5) Do I want images between the service and the reception? 6) At the reception will there be all the traditional events (i.e. first dance, parent dances, toasts, garter and flower toss, cake cutting, etc.) 7) Do you want your photographer there until the end of the reception? After answering all of these questions, I typically would allow for, at least, three hours of capturing images around the service and, at least, three hours around the reception. You need to factor in the transportation between locations and the slack time. This is why an eight hour package works so well for most couples. Again, this is your day and you hopefully only do it once so allow for extra time to make the day as stress free as possible.



32) Can I suggest images for you to capture?


Of course you can. I am as open as anyone to ideas that you may have regarding your wedding images. When you fill out my photo “shot sheet” I encourage you to suggest images that you would like taken. In addition, you can staple images that you have seen in magazines directly to the sheet and I will do my best to mimic the shot. I want you to be an active member in the images and to enjoy the product that you will be receiving. I would like to know what is important to you and then I can direct more attention to areas of your interest. Please suggest images during the day too and tell everyone to bring their creative juices.  I love Pinterest because Brides and Grooms can create boards and send me what they like.  You can find me on Pinterest at http://www.Pinterest.com/paulphoto



33) What happens in the unlikely event you are unable to capture my wedding? What contingency plan do you have in place?


Hopefully this will never occur, but life is not certain. Therefore, I offer a full refund of any retainer that you have placed and I also offer any advise or help in finding a replacement, granted that I am able to help. I will never “bump” you for another wedding contract. You will always have Paul Retherford capturing your wedding if you have a signed contract with me. The ONLY way that I would not be able to capture your wedding was due to a serious injury which is out of my control.



34) How often are you going to be asking me questions and communicating with me during the wedding day?


Most of my questions will be answered prior to the wedding day. You will fill out a Wedding Photo Checklist and we will talk through the Wedding day prior to your Wedding.  Therefore, questions will be very minimal during the actual day. I strive to keep your wedding day stress free and I will not add any more complications into your special time. I am a Professional Photographer and I have captured hundreds of weddings just like yours. Most of my Clients have thanked me for helping explain to them how things work and what they should do, or be doing, since 90% of my couple are having their first marriage.



35) Should I appoint a person to keep an eye on the wedding party?


The day runs SO much smoother if you have one person that can keep an eye on your wedding party, i.e. a Master and/or Mistress of Ceremony or Wedding Planner, and make sure they are in the area when pictures are being taken. This person should know everyone who is in the party by first name. I would say that the number one reason for any time lag is waiting for people who were told to stay in the room but decided to leave.



36) What will you be wearing at the ceremony and reception?


I will wear a nice shirt, tie, and jacket, or if you are black tie I will dress accordingly. I dress comfortably professional. I will dress according to your dress code at the event so that I do not stick out in any way.



37) Do you require a meal at the reception?


I do appreciate having a meal at the reception. I will usually just sit at an open seat from one of your guests who has decided not to attend. You can ask the caterer if there is a half meal or something smaller which would not cost the full price. I am usually working on images for the slideshow during the dinner so I don’t typically finish my meal. I do appreciate an area near a wall outlet with some space so that I can work on my images during dinner.



38) What do you do to prevent mishaps?


I have multiple Professional Cameras and gear that I utilize. I will always have at least three cameras, flash, etc. I also backup my images on personal hard drive and computer so that I have, at least, duplicate images. When I work I always have two cameras around my neck. I have had a camera go bad on me when the bride is walking down the isle and I just switch to the other camera, no problem. You will never know of any problems on my end because I work though them and make things run smoothly so as not to ever add stress to your day.



39) Why do you love shooting weddings?


Photography is my life. When I am not capturing weddings and events, I am in nature capturing the natural world and photographing my friends and my dogs. I enjoy making images that bring emotional responses to people. It is very satisfying to see people enjoying my creative work and to know that my images are going to live on in this family forever. I really think that this is my ideal “job,” and I do not have to work because I love what I do. This shows in my images and it also comes through the subject being photographed by relaxing them.



40) I like to scrapbook, do you photograph EVERYTHING?


My goal as a photojournalistic photographer is to get an image of everything that is included in the ceremony and reception. I make images of everything from silverware all the way to posed images. You will be amazed at the creative shots that I will make of simple items. You will get images of all of your guests, family, friends, etc. Remember that I started out as a nature photographer and I pay close attention to detail, design, texture, etc.



41) Do you just capture images of the bride and groom?


My images are a mixture of everyone who attends your ceremony and reception. I will attempt to take an image of every action and reaction. My day is filled with working to find the correct angles to capture an image which tells a story. You will get images of every table at your reception, therefore documenting everyone who attended your wedding reception. I also make sure to creatively capture all of the important props and snippets during the wedding day. The emotions and reactions that I capture really tell the story of the day. You can see thousands of my images through my website.



42) What kind of gear do you use to make your images?


My gear is all Canon Flagship Professional gear. I use all digital Professional cameras and L series lenses. My digital files are some of the largest in the business.  I have been shooting Canon since the age of ten. I trust Canon with my life and you should too.  In addition, I am a member of Canon Professional services and get first priority on new gear.



43) How many weddings do you shoot a year?


I shoot anywhere from 20-30 weddings per year now.  The peak year was 52 Weddings and that was way too much. Now I focus more on customer service, speed of return, and quality products to make the value for price an incredible deal.   I have been capturing weddings for over 20 years now and I opened Paul Retherford Wedding Photography in 2002.



44) Do you do all of your own printing and optimizing?


I optimize all of the images for the album and then send them out to be printed and bound by my album company.  I do print images in house on occasion.  My online images are printed by a separate company and dropped shipped to your address.



45) Do you have a list of references?


Yes I do. In fact, most of my past clients have agreed to be a reference so I have a huge list of people who are happy to answer your questions about me and my services. You will find the reference list in my no obligation information packet that you can receive by clicking on the contact tab. There are over ten references on the list for you call or email.


46) How do you stay on top of the Wedding Industry?


My work ethic is very focused. I am constantly reading and studying the industry. I attend numerous seminars, banquets, lectures, and such each year to learn new software and techniques from other top ranked people in the industry. You will find me traveling to Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Miami and other large cities to attend conferences that keep me in touch with the growing trends and top of the line products that I use. I also subscribe to magazines and read a lot of literature on the subject. I am an eternal student of the industry and I am excited to learn new ways of improving my great business. I keep in contact with my colleagues. This is my life and I treat my profession like a life time college course.



47) How can clients and people find out what is going on with you?


Visit my blog weekly and I try to get at least one posting up. I add my links to the Wedding Images and Pre Design albums on their too. It is a great way to keep in touch with me and see if I am shooting your friends Weddings.  You can follow my on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.  Just search for Paul Retherford Wedding Photography on all of them.



48) What are your domain names or your websites?


http://www.PaulRetherford.com (website)

http://www.PaulRetherford.net (blog)






49) Do you offer off-season discounts on your Collections?


I do offer discounts in the off-season and weekday. Please contact me directly.



50) Do you have a weblog?


Yes I do. Please visit it at http://www.PaulRetherford.net



51) Can you tell me about this album pre-design?


The week following your event I will be working hard on your album design. I will have your album online by the end of the week, usually before the bride and groom returns from the honeymoon. You will have a thumb drive with all of the images that I captured during the day so that you know which images you can choose.

You look at the album online and make edits to the album. I will make your corrections and place the album back online. The process is very interactive and the coolest thing is that you will have this album online indefinitely. So, you can tell all of your family and friends to see you wedding album online. Link to it with your blog page or just look at it when you are on vacation.  The album will be to you quickly and exactly how you would like it to look!



52) Times are tough, do you match and/or offer discounts?


I will consider any offer that other photographers have made for photography pricing and try to match and/or beat their offer. Keep in mind that my Collections include very expensive, top-of-the-line, lifetime guaranteed products and other photographers may be offering you lower end products. Most of my expenses are from my products and that shows when your album is delivered to you. Don’t miss out on booking your perfect wedding photographer!



53) How do you deal with weddings that are far away?


My policy is to travel the day prior, or earlier, to the event whenever possible. I will stay the night, most times at my expense, to be in the area for your day. I do everything in my power to make sure that your day runs as smooth as possible. I will even call the day prior, or the morning of the event, to notify the bride that everything is in order if that is requested.

Michigan Weddings Covered:
Allen Park
Ann Arbor
Au Gres
Auburn Hills
Bad Axe
Battle Creek
Bay City
Bay Harbor
Beaver Island
Benton Harbor
Berrien Springs
Big Rapids
Birch Run
Bloomfield Hills
Boyne City
Boyne Falls
Cambridge Junction
Carp Lake
Carson City
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