Friday May 4, 2007

You can see a selection of the Wedding images from Miranda and Dave at

Their Wedding Album Pre-Design is located at

Don’t forget to visit my website and tell all of your friends about
My 2008 year is booking up and if you have a prime time summer wedding, and you like my work, you better get in touch quickly.  I’m beginning to think that my prices are way to low for the work that I do.  I am looking at comparable photographers in the area that charge anywhere from $500-$2500 more for the same type of work with less hours and a smaller album!  My package is a bargain.

For all of you who have destination wedding please give me a look for my destination wedding package.  Wouldn’t you love to have a custom package of images that you can have in the best possible album and be able to sit and look at this book for the rest of your life.  Yes, there are Photographers in your Destination site but I have seen the work of Photographers at destination sites and, for the most part, they don’t measure up.  I have a guarantee that you will be “thrilled” with your Wedding Package of I will fix it to make sure that you are “thrilled.”  

If you want the best possible Wedding Package with top-of-the-line products, Photographer with integrity, Creative eye with years of experinece in Weddings and Nature Photography, full-time Wedding Photographer who specializes in Weddings and gives all of his attention to his clients, 100% satisfaction rating from past clients, relaxed and stress-free Wedding Day Photography, and “the hardest working Photographer in the World” then consider booking me for your Wedding.  My website is

I am looking at a few different Photography seminars this year.  I try to get to at least two a year and also get to some photography shows.  It is always nice to listen to other people in the field and see how they are doing their business and photography.  My Photography is evolving on a daily basis and I can see how my work is getting more diverse and I am seeing more and more personality and emotions in my images.

My anniversary is coming up in 5 days.  It is May 9th.  Megan and I were married in 2004 in Key West, FL on Mother’s Day.  We had 54 people come down to KW and it was a grand time.  We are thinking about a 5 year reunion in KW.

Have you tried any of the online flower places yet?  I tried Proflowers a couple of times now and I am happy with them.  You can go to
and get a $10 discount on your order.  This discount I found in the entertainment guide which is a great book too.  They have them for most major cities and you can save a bundle with them.  I get them when I travel for great deals on dining, lodging, activites, and lots more.   See them at

Fishing season is started and Phil’s, my brother, boat is in the Grand Haven harbor at Chinook Pier in Michigan.  We fish for salmon and trout on Lake Michigan.  Book a trip with him at
I believe that I will be running two trips next week for him.  I work on a part-time basis for him.

If you are in the Alpena, Michigan area check out my father’s boat at

Enjoy the nice weather today if you are in Michigan or wherever you are…


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Tuesday May 1, 2007

See Miranda and Dave’s Wedding Album Pre-Design at

They get three edits on this album design included in their contract.  You can watch the progression of the album by coming back to my blog and watching for the edits.  You can tell if I have edited the album by the number at the top of the screen.  I love this method and it is very interactive and helps the bride and groom decide on their image selections for the album.

In the past I would send proofs and have the bride and groom select the images to be included.  The record amount of time that it took a bride and groom to decide on the images was 2 1/2 years.  This is when I decided to change the way that I do the album!

Hope all is going well!

Take care…

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Monday April 30, 2007

My wife and I took a much needed trip to St. Thomas and St. John from April 21-28.  We both needed some time away from work.  I had been slaving in the office for months doing Wedding Albums and a few Weddings here and there and my wife had been doing therapy for many clients.  We both had a bit of burn out going on.

The whole reason for the trip was that my friend Chris was marrying Melanie on Magen’s Beach in St. Thomas on Monday.  My wife and I arrived on Saturday at the Bolongo Beach Resort  and immediately went to happy hour.  We started our trip out right with a few rum punches but not too many.  Others had too many and were carried to bed. 

St. Thomas is a nice island and has some great spots.  The transportation and the roads are a bit difficult.  There is a good mix of things to do on the island and beyond.  We stayed at the Bolongo Beach Resort which turned out to be a nice place to stay.  The rooms were OK, not luxury by any means, but clean and the people were very friendly.  The beds are REALLY bad, at least ours was.  We had a nice view of the ocean, all rooms have a view, and we also could see the pool.  There are a lot of activity possibilities right on the beach.  Two restaurants and a swim up bar will keep you full.  I think that I would give the Bolongo a 2-3 star rating.

We had some nice snorkeling right around the rocks in Bolongo Bay.  We saw turtles, lobster, snappers, grouper, rays, and thousands of various fish.  The visibililty was kind of poor because of the rain we got mostly at night.  It was still at least 40-50 feet of vis when you got away from the beach.

If you go to St. Thomas eat at Latitude 18.  This place is right on the harbor in Red Hook and is a small place that has a particularly friendly staff and wonderful food.  We had some of the best seared tuna that I have ever had, and I have had a lot!  The mahi was great and all of the appetizers were good.  We had a large group go and we all had great meals and a wonderful time.  They had open mic night and we watched many locals jamming out.  It was grand!

The Wedding was great on Magen’s Beach.  Unfortunately it was overcast and grim but I used my infrared camera and got some great shots.  The diffuse light was nice on the face but the water behind them was kind of bland.  Here are a few images…

We had a nice dinner after the Wedding back at the Resort with all of the 34 people who came down.  Great food and a really fun time.  I had a couple roomates there from college and Chris(groom) was a good friend in college too.  We always have a nice time together.

The three beaches that I recommend on St. Thomas are Coki Beach by Coral World, Magen’s Bay Beach, and  Saphire Beach.  Contrary to what all the literature says, the shopping in St. Thomas is not that great of a deal.  The prices are very similar to shops in the US.  Dinners are pretty pricey and cabs are a rip off.  You drive on the left there but the steering wheel is still on the left, a bit different at first.   My wife would keep reminding me to “think left,” and I later found a shirt that has a jeep and “think left” on it.

Wednesday we moved over to St. John.  This island was more of our speed.  We like hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and just having our own little space sometimes.  In St. John we could do all of this. 

We started out with a wonderful dinner at Shipwreck landing by Coral Bay.  What a wonderful meal with LOTS of food.  My wife and I both ordered tuna and the waitress looked at us like we were crazy.  Well, as it turns out, we were crazy because it was mussels and tuna, like a dozen mussels and two large seared tuna fillets.  We waddled away in pain after our meal, but with huge satisfied smiles on our face.

Our lodging was in the Concordia Eco Tents near Coral Bay.  We didn’t know what to expect and they turned out to be GREAT.  We had a very nice place on a cliff with wonderful views of Rams Head, Salt Pond, Salt Pond Bay, and the British Virgin Islands.  Here are some of the images

This place was off of the grid so we had solar power lights and fridge, composting toilet that was very odorless and clean, and a solar heated shower which works great.  We had no AC but the constant breeze was more than adequate. 

Megan and I loved St. John and especially Coral Bay where they have wonderful food and lots of hiking trails.  We hiked a nice 6 mile trail on Thursday and got absolutely poured on.  It was warm rain so we didn’t mind and it felt good. 

We have lots of found memories from this trip and we may go back at some point.  We have a lot of places that we need to check out before returning.

I could talk all night about our trip.  I am going to let these pictures do the talking. 

Does it look like we had a good time?  If you are wondering about the black and white images, most of them are infrared images that I took with my dedicated infrared camera.


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