Mackinac Island Mission Point Resort Wedding lawn

May is not typically the warmest time on Mackinac Island. Don’t tell Adriana and Tadd. Furthermore, check out their Mission Point Resort outdoor lawn Wedding Summit Room Photography.

It is a blue sky day on Mackinac Island and the Mission Point Resort wedding on the lawn is abuzz with loungers and tourists biking the trail.

As a result so many people are out that I have to time a lot of my photography to avoid bikes and people in the backgrounds.

It feels a bit like an August day on Mackinac Island.

In my opinion when it reaches 75 degrees on Mackinac Island in May, you are blessed.

Adriana begins her day in the gorgeous, newly renovated Lakeside Spa and Salon at Mission Point Resort.

Both Tadd and Adriana get ready in the Mission Point lodge in separate rooms.

Also, they choose not to see each other prior to their Mission Point Resort lawn Wedding.

One Enchanted Evening does a wonderful job designing the arch at the Wedding ceremony, as well as, the bouquets and boutinerres.

Mission Point Resort sets up two speakers and a stereo and microphone system for the Mission Point Resort wedding.

Tadd’s sister plays the violin for the processional.

Tadd and Adriana take communion and they watered a bush as their show of unity.

Furthermore, Adriana’s brother is the officiant.

We do all of the images on Mission Point Resort for their day. Mission Point Resort is 5 acres so there is a lot of room.

The Wedding reception is in the Summit Room overlooking the Straits of Mackinac.

Northern Michigan Consultants DJ with Michael Williford does a wonderful job keeping the dance floor moving.

Whitefish, chicken, steak, and a pasta bar are the delicious selections for the evening. The chefs at Mission Point Resort do an amazing job!

In addition, the cake is prepared by Mission Point Resort.

Adriana and Tadd travel to the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon.

Cheers to the new Mackinac Island Bride and Groom!

Mission Point Resort outdoor lawn Wedding Summit Room Photography

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