Ten suggestions for a Bride on her Wedding day, Brides take note!

Suggestions for a bride


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Wedding suggestions for a Bride.

As a Professional in the field of Weddings, I see so many Brides make mistakes that could easily be avoided if they actually knew about what was to come.  Most Brides go through the Wedding day once, and who is ever perfect on their first try?

This list of ten suggestions will help you think about the things that might go overlooked on your Wedding day.

  1. Put your expensive dress on a Professional looking hanger.  You pay all this money for a dress and the bridal shop gives it to you on a plastic hanger.  Shame on them, and shame on you for leaving it on this hanger from China.  Invest in a nice hanger, whether that be a wood solid hanger, a hanger with your name on it, or something different.  Etsy is great spot to look and Pinterest will get you started.
  2. If your day is going to be hot, or if your dress has lots of layers, spray your legs with spray deodorant or hairspray so that you dress will not stick to your legs.
  3. Speaking of dress, buy the right dress for you.  There are SO many awesome dresses and get the one that fits your body shape.  So many Brides try to fit a mold and then pay for it on their Wedding day.  Do you really want to be pulling up your dress all day long, and ruining a ton of images in the process!
  4. Emergency kits are a must.  Make sure to have everything from actually emergency items to all sorts of pin, thread, needle, tape, etc.
  5. Wear shoes that not only look good but feel good too.  If you have uncomfortable shoes that will show in your images.  If you need to wear a certain shoe for various reasons then have a second pair to switch in to later in the day.  You will thank me and your feet will too.  Also, if you have heals purchase a heal cover for walking on grass.  Your shoes will stay clean!
  6. Holding your Wedding flowers…make a V between your ring and middle finger with your hand pointing up.  Put the flowers inside that V and push your hands all the way up the stem so the tops of the bouquet are resting on your palms.  Do this with both hands.  This will make your arms look glamourous.  Now take your elbows and push them away from your body. You do not want your arms to make your body look twice the size in the images.  Lastly, take your upper arm and push it away from your body.  All these tricks put together make you a model!:-)
  7. If you don’t have a Wedding Planning, Coordinator that is on your side hire/assign someone to do this.   Make sure this person has all the information from the day and that they field all the questions.  This relieves stress of off the Bride.
  8. Practice smiling ALOT.  A good trick is to put a pencil in your teeth and this will force a smile.  You are going to smile in one day what you normally smile in a week!  Exercise your jaw muscles and joints.
  9. Drink so much water the days before that you think you will burst.  Being hydrated on the Wedding day will make you feel SO much better.  You also need to drink and eat on the Wedding day.  A typical day will last 15+ hours and you need to have the energy to do this.  It is a marathon and you need to finish.
  10. Don’t stay too late.  I know you will want to be with your friends but you should get some sleep.  You probably have a brunch, opening gifts, and maybe even a honeymoon right away. Don’t start married life on the wrong note.  Your family and friends will party without you and they will tell you all about it the next day.   Set a time to leave the party and let a friend lead the after parties.

Here is a short list of suggestions I have for Brides.  I will make even an extended list in the future.  If you follow these ten things you will be on your way to a stress free Wedding day!



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