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Your Wedding day is the most important day of your life.  You will look back on this day with hopefully the biggest smile on your face knowing that it was perfect. In order to be perfect you need to plan far in advance.  Start pinning your ideas on Pinterest and getting all of your colors and themes set so you can lay down a major Wedding day plan.

Here is list of Ten things that you should NOT do on your Wedding day, in no particular order.


1)  Do NOT let someone else run your Wedding day unless they are following instructions layed out by you.  Wedding Planners are awesome, BUT, make sure you are on the same page with your Planner and they are not just doing what they want on your day.


2) Have a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, or day of Coordinator that has a schedule and keeps the events rolling on time.  The Professional vendors should stick to a timeline but don’t expect them to always do this.


3) Do NOT buy a Wedding dress simply for the price.  Pick one that fits your body and flatters your form.  Everyone’s shape is a bit different so make sure to pick a dress that is you.


4) Do NOT forget to eat and drink water on your Wedding day.  You might be nervous but it will really stink if you pass out or faint or just feel like junk your entire day because you didn’t eat or drink water.  This also means sit down at your reception and eat a solid meal.  You don’t want to do drive thru food after your Wedding is over when you have a fantastic meal prepared for you.


5) Do NOT leave your family and guests too long.  Your Wedding day is not a photo shoot.  If your photographer thinks so then maybe you need a different photographer.  Your day should be a celebration of marriage with family and friends.  You can also don your dress on a later date and do another shoot.  So enjoy your day and be with all the people who love you.


6) Do NOT book a vendor simply off of a referral from a friend.  Even though they might be “cheap” or “the best” they might not be right for you.  Do your homework and interview everyone.


7) Do NOT wear high heels all day long.  You will be miserable and your face will show it.  Bring some flats or sandals that make your feet, and face, smile.:-)


8) Do NOT plan your events on the Wedding day too close together.  Set ample time for hair and makeup, travel, pictures, etc.  You can always burn time but you will never make time.


9) Do NOT sweat the small things.  The day will happen and when you stress your body shows stress through your face which shows in your Wedding album.  Have fun and enjoy every second of your Wedding day.  You will look back on the ridiculous happenings that were not even a blimp on the radar and smile.


10) Do NOT skip the events at your Wedding Reception, i.e. First dance, cake cute, father daughter, mother son, etc.  Even if you have a deceased parent, dance with a brother, sister, or uncle.  Your family and friends will enjoy it and the pictures will tell a story of the fun you had on your Wedding day.


This is a small list of Do NOTs that I suggest for your Wedding day.  If you take these suggestions to heart your day will be that much smoother.


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