Powder up boys

Face powder is a man’s best friend

You are probably wondering what I am speaking about here.  No, I am not talking about skiing here.  You know the dreaded nose, cheek, and eyebrow glare that is so common in images.  Well, there is a way around this glare.  Using powder on the face is a perfect way to eliminate, or at least minimize, the facial glare.  I know guys, this is not real “manly” but you will be appreciative when it comes to having friends take direct flash images of you.  Hopefully your professional images will be worked on enough that there won’t be glare, but it is the guest images that it will make the biggest difference.   You can sweat guys but just keep it off of the most important part of the image, the face.  Happy powdering your manly man.;-)

powder the face to eliminate glare photo

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