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To Smash or not to Smash the Wedding Cake

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The Wedding Cake cutting is a trivial experience for most brides and grooms.  Since most of my clients are getting married for the first time, this is the first cake cutting.  Even if people have been to others Weddings they typically don’t pay attention to how the cake cutting goes.  So, here is a quick how to on the cake cutting.

First of all, have the DJ announce that the cake is about to be cut.  Welcome family and friends to come up with their cameras to capture a quick pick.  Have the DJ mention the location of the cake too.  It is also nice to mention the cake designer since they have used their expertise to make a beautiful Wedding cake.

After about 5 minutes everyone should be at the cake that wants to be there.  Have the groom stand behind the beautiful bride and at an angle that has the most flattering background.  The groom grabs the knife and the bride puts her hand over the groom.  The top layer is sometimes saved for the one year anniversary so the couple usually cuts the lowest layer.  A corner section will work fine.  The bride and groom make their cuts and place two pieces on the plate, napkin, or just grab them.  At this point the bride and groom feed each other the cake.  This is the decision time for the bride and groom, do you make a mess on the face or be honorable.  It is always a surprise to me what is decided in those last seconds.  I have had brides and grooms do a full hand slap of cake on the face.  I had one groom put a bib on prior to the cake cutting since he knew he was in trouble.  It is best to avoid the ear, nose, and hair, trust me, I have seen it.:-)  Digging frosting out of an ear is a task.

After the cake cutting the guests typically clap and the bride and groom resume their Wedding day.  The cake is taken to get cut up and served to guests.

The cake cutting can take place after dinner or before dinner.  Having the cake cutting before dinner allows for the kitchen to cut the cake and have it ready when plates are cleared from the tables.  This helps the reception flow easier and doesn’t allow for as much down time between the cake cutting and first dance.

Have a wonderful time on your Wedding day and enjoy the cake cutting.  Hopefully your cake is delicious and the talk of all of your friends!

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