Your Wedding day…read it like a book

Telling a story on your Wedding day

Every good book has a beginning, middle, and an end.  Have you ever read a book that just didn’t capture your interest?  The Wedding day should be looked at just like a book.  Every Wedding day has a beginning,  middle, and an end.  In order to document a perfect Wedding day the Photographer needs to capture moments from each section of the day.

Have you ever seen a Wedding album with beautiful images?  Most people have.  Now, have you ever seen a Wedding album that has beautiful images but tells a story.  Can you look at a friend’s Wedding album and it speaks to you?  You feel like you are a part of the day.  If so, then the story is well told.

Any Professional Photographer should be able to make beautiful images.  If you are looking for just beautiful images than why do the shoot on  your Wedding day?  You can rent dresses and tuxes, for much less, and go out and do a fashion shoot purely for the reason of building a beautiful album.  Do you see my point here?  I have seen lots of pretty images in my life on blogs and Wedding albums but the images on a Wedding day need to speak to you, literally.  You don’t need captions for a perfect image.

When I shoot a Wedding, I am not shooting for the album.  A lot of people shoot purely for the sake of making an album and what you get are a lot of pretty pictures.  The album is beautiful but lacks the life from emotions and personalities coming out of the bride and groom.  When you get in a mindset to shoot for the album, and a lot of professionals do this, you limit your creativity and vision.

Keep an open mind and capture the story of the Wedding day for the bride and groom.  I just bet that they will love the images because they speak to them.  When their kids get married you will most likely get the call to do their Wedding too.  It is all about the story.

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