Leland, Michigan Wedding Photography ~ Fishtown

Leland Wedding Photography

There is a little town in Northwest Michigan called Leland that still looks like it did 50 and 100 years ago.  There is so much class to this little town.

I grew up fishing on my father’s boat and a few others.  I still hold a 100-ton Masters Captains license and I enjoy fishing a lot.  It is more of a hobby these days.

I see beauty in the old barn wood and weathered boards of old fish factories that were once a booming industry.  There is something exotic about the textures in the grains caused by years of rain and Lake Michigan storms.

What I would love to do is capture a Wedding in Leland, Michigan and be able to spend a few days making images that show the uniqueness of the Leland area.  The Sleeping bear dunes make a beautiful addition to the area along with the tranquility of Lake Micihigan.  With all three backdrops to a beautiful Wedding day this will make my job that much more fun and interesting.  I love to the challenge of capturing images both when you have a lot of locations to shoot and when there are minimal.  This really tests your creative eye in telling the story of a day made in Heaven.

If you are having a Leland, Michigan Wedding and are looking for a Wedding Photographer then check out my work and know that what I do is create beautiful images with life and emotions, while removing stress from the bride and groom and enjoying every second of my time.

Leland, Michigan Wedding Photography

Leland, Michigan Wedding Photography

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