Mixing in Fun Motion and Jumping Shots for your Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography | Fun, Jumping Images

northern michigan fun, jumping wedding picture

There are so many options for Wedding Photography during a Wedding day.  I like to mix it up and create a variety of images.  One of the images that I enjoy capturing is a motion image.  Lots of times they turn out to be jumping images but not all the time.  I typically leave it up to the subjects to use their creativity.  I don’t like to direct too much because I feel it limits the emotion and personality of my images.

Some Wedding Photographers will tell each person what to do and how to do it.  I give my clients a lot of freedom so that my images show the personality of each individual.

destination wedding jumping photography picture

Keeping the Wedding Photography fun, fresh, and unique is my personal goal.  Mixing a couple jumping shots helps me achieve that goal.

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