Enjoying my free time with my baby daughter

Lot to be said about free time with your newborn

northern michigan baby photography

Our baby girl is just over three weeks old now.  She is doing great and we are having a blast hanging out with her.  She is growing REALLY fast.  It hasn’t all been easy but we have had it pretty easy.  She sleeps most nights except for the feeding times.  Julia is tracking with her eyes and moving her head a lot too.  When we lay her on her stomach she can raise her head up to look around for a while.  She will be crawling before we know it.

I have been capturing images everyday and plan to do this on into the future.  One thing that grown ups like to see our baby images and I want to make sure that I have thousands for my daughter to remember her life.  I am trying to create a large variety of images of Julia.  Hopefully to create a nice album for Julia and possible for the rest of the World to purchase, with funds going to Julia’s college fund.

We have already set up a college fund for Julia and I am working on a car/wedding fund right now.  My thoughts on investing are invest early and then when you need the money you have it.  Julia’s main events will be covered, hopefully, thanks to early planning.

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Upgrades from the Paul Retherford Wedding Photography Business

In the last month I have sold a camera and lens, my Pocketwizard flash triggers, and our video recorder.  I have replaced them with a Canon 7D which I am loving right now.  It is truly a machine that is sealed, quiet, and more functional.  I have also purchased the Canon 24-70 lens which I will most likely couple with my Canon 5D to capture full frame images and portraits.  I will probably work with my Canon 70-200 on the 7D.  This gives me a nice combo with the 112mm-320mm range for the 7D.   My other three cameras will be paired with lens.  I work with a lens on each body, no changing lenses and getting dust on the sensors.  The last upgrade was the Radiopopper system which I am loving too.  No misfiring of flashes now and life is good.  Can’t wait to get rolling this year in Weddings even though I love hanging out with my first baby.  Now I have more of a reason to push myself, not that I needed the motivation, but my baby girl is in the forefront.

Yesterday I secured a Wedding here in the UP of Michigan for late this year.  I have not had many Weddings up here since moving here.  My clients are mostly downstate and around the World.  I love to stay close to home if people want me at their Wedding.  Up here you get a lot of “cousins” and “uncles” that are the photographers.  That is fine.  I have my place in the is World.  Not an unsatisfied client yet!

This time of the year between Winter and Spring is my least favorite.  The Earth is changing and everything is just plain jane, no contrast and pop.  The yard is muddy and the dogs get bathes everytime they come into the house.  What a perfect time to have a baby that needs to be loved full time.:-)

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I hope everyone is enjoying their early Spring in the northwoods and their hot and crazy weather everywhere else.  Come back and check in often and feel free to comment and share the love.  You can see me on Facebook, Twitter, and my Destination Wedding Photography website.

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